50th Anniversary Events of the Presidio 27

Event Date: Saturday, October 13 - 9:45 am to Sunday, October 14 - 9:45 am

On October 14, 1968, 27 prisoners in the Presidio Stockade staged a peaceful sit-down protest to call attention to the treatment of fellow prisoners and the conditions inside. Just days before, a guard had shot and killed a prisoner, and GIs had taken to the streets of San Francisco in massive demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. For staging this peaceful protest, the Army tried the 27 for mutiny, the most serious military offense.

On the 50th anniversary of the event, immerse yourself in the experience of the Presidio 27 in the place where the incident occurred. The afternoon includes music of the day, a virtual tour, audio stories, and the opportunities to converse with the original members of the Presidio 27. Listen to the voices of participants, meet them and hear their stories, and learn about the Presidio 27’s relevance today. Presented in association with Veterans For Peace San Francisco, Chapter 69.