We train well-rounded historians. To achieve this goal, all majors must take classes in three temporal, geographic, or thematic areas, one of which must be U.S. History.

Coit Tower

The History B.A. can be easily completed in four years. It is comprised of just 39 units:

  • 12 Lower Division Units
  • 12 Upper Division units in a primary area of focus (one of which is usually a Proseminar)
  • 2 each 6 unit secondary areas of focus, for a total of 12 units
    • History 300GWAR, 3 units

History majors spend their time talking about really cool things—zombies, the political and social revolutions spearheaded by women, persons of color, and the disabled, cannibalism, Roman legions, and pirates—all the while learning skills like critical thinking and reasoning that will serve them in whatever employment sector they enter.