COVID-19 Resources

San Francisco State Food+Shelter+Success Resources

CalFresh Help Clinic 

CalFresh provides free money for groceries. Virtual application assistance and support is available. Students can email for CalFresh assistance (screening, application assistance, questions, and troubleshooting). Zoom appointments are available upon request.

Emergency Meal Cards

Emergency meal cards will continue to be distributed through the Dean-on-Call program Monday

through Friday from 10am -3pm in Student Services Building room 403.

Food+Shelter+Success Kits/Laundry Kits

Food+Shelter+Success hygiene kits and laundry kits will continue to be distributed Monday

through Friday from 10am -3pm in Student Services Building room 403.

Gator Groceries

Pre-made meal boxes will be distributed weekly at the Student Center. For weekly hours, please


Hope Crisis Fund

If you are experiencing a financial crisis at this time, you are encouraged to submit an application

to the SFSU HOPE Crisis Fund.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Online Service Resources

Mashouf Wellness Center- Showers 

The Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) is committed to providing shower access over the summer for students who rely on the facility to attend to personal hygiene.

To request a locker room/shower reservation, please email

All requests must be made 2 business days prior to the reservation date

Monday reservations must be placed by 12pm the Friday before.

Shower/locker room Reservation Hours (by appointment only):

Mondays & Fridays between 9:30 am-11:30 am

NOTE: The MWC facility is closed. Only access to the locker room will be available.

If you need basic needs hygiene supplies please visit the Dean of Students office in SSB 403 on Monday- Fridays from 10 am- 3 pm.



To request a phone or Zoom appointment with a Dean-on-Call email .

Free WiFi & Computer Access

San Francisco State University- J. Paul Leonard Library

Effective Tuesday, March 31, the SFSU Library facility will be closed until further notice.

Free Wi-Fi in open spaces map

Economic Resources

Faculty/Staff: here

Students: here

San Francisco Services

For more information on COVID-19, health services, city services, and business and job services

during the shelter-in-place implementation, visit the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco Employees Impacted by COVID-19

For more information on paid sick leave, paid family leave, emergency child care, and employee resources for San Francisco visit the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Updated March 27, 2020

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance may be available if you have lost your job or have had your hours reduced for reasons related to COVID-19

  • Partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own

  • Range from $40-$450 per week for up to 26 weeks Disability Insurance

    Disability Insurance may be available if you are unable to work due to medical quarantine or illness related to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional).

  • Short-term benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages due to a non-work-related illness, injury, or pregnancy

Approximately 60-70 percent of wages (depending on income); ranges from $50-$1,300 a week for up to 52 weeks

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave may be available if you are unable to work because you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional).

  • Up to six weeks of benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages because they need time off work to care for a seriously ill family member

Approximately 60-70 percent of wages (depending on income); ranges from $50-$1,300 a week for up to 6 weeks

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave may be available if you or a family member are sick or for preventative care when civil authorities recommend quarantine

  • The leave you have accumulated or your employer has provided to you under the Paid Sick Leave law

  • Paid to you at your regular rate of pay or an average based on the past 90 days Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation may be available if you are unable to do your usual job because you were exposed to and contracted COVID-19 during the regular course of your work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits include:

Updated March 27, 2020

  • Temporary disability (TD) payments (begins when your doctor says you can’t do your usual work for more than three days or you are hospitalized overnight)

    • May be entitled to TD for up to 104 weeks

    • TD stops when either you return to work, your doctor releases you for work, or your

      doctor says your illness has improved as much as it’s going to

  • TD generally pays two-thirds of the gross wages you lose while you are recovering from a

    work-related illness or injury up to the maximum weekly amount set by law.
    o Eligible employees are entitled to medical treatment and additional payments if a

    doctor determines you suffered a permanent disability because of the illness

If accrued sick leave is denied, file a Wage claim

San Francisco State University Parking Refund

Refunds for Parking – For refunds email

Equity Compliance: Here

Community Basic Needs Resources

SF State Basic Needs: Here

One Degree

One degree is an interactive website that can connect you to basic needs resources in your area.

Please visit to explore food, housing and financial resources in your Community. Hand Washing Stations in San Francisco

List of locations

Community Food Resources

Visit our local food bank to access free food in your area.

San Francisco & Marin Counties

SF- Marin Food Bank

  • San Francisco location: 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Marin location: 2550 Kerner Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94901

    Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

    Second Harvest Food Bank

Updated March 27, 2020

  • San Jose locations: 750 Curtner Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125 & 4001 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134

  • San Carlos location: 1051 Bing Street, San Carlos, CA 94070 Alameda County

    Alameda County Food Bank

Oakland location: 7900 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA 94621 Contra Costa & Solano Counties

Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano

  • Concord location: 4010 Nelson Avenue, Concord, CA 94520

  • Fairfield location: 2339 Courage Drive, Suite F, Fairfield, CA 94533 Farmers Markets

Community Shelter Resources

San Francisco County

Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing

Marin County

Homeward Bound of Marin

San Mateo County

Network of Care

Santa Clara County

Updated March 27, 2020

Contra Costa County

Contra Costa Health Services- Emergency Shelters for Adults

Mental Health Resources

Helpful Hand-outs

Video Resources

Qigong to Calm the Mind with Sally Chang

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Associated of SF 24/7 peer run warm line for COVID19 support

Eviction and Utility Moratoriums

Many California cities including San Francisco and San Jose have temporarily halted evictions. If you are experiencing fear of eviction, we encourage you to explore your city and county policy on temporary eviction moratoriums. Cities and counties may have different policies so it is important to check both.

What is a moratorium?

A moratorium stops an activity for an agreed amount of time. For example, moratoriums prohibit landlords from evicting residential tenants who cannot pay rent due to COVID-19. Reasons include loss of income from work, childcare costs related to school closures, and healthcare costs.

Eviction Moratoriums

On March 27, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order banning the enforcement of eviction orders for renters affected by COVID-19 through May 31, 2020. Renters

Updated March 27, 2020

must notify their landlord in writing within seven days of due rent. For more information, visit

the Office of the Governor’s website. Utility Moratoriums

Check your local utility providers’ website, if your utility provider is not listed below.

Silicon Valley Power

Resources for Families with Children

Free Diapers

Pick-up free diapers at five locations. Recommend calling prior to pick-up for hours.

Updated March 27, 2020