Documenting the Stonewall Riots: A Bibliography of Primary Sources



This online resource is a research supplement to Marc Stein, The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History (New York: New York University Press, 2019). It provides references for primary documentary sources related to the materials reprinted in The Stonewall Riots. Please send recommendations for additional primary documentary sources to


There are multiple options for finding the documentary sources listed in the bibliographies. Some are only available in physical libraries and archives, but many have been digitized. Many mainstream and African American periodicals (magazines and newspapers) are available via Proquest Historical NewspapersNewsbank, and Google Books. Many alternative, independent, and left periodicals are available via Independent Voices--Reveal Digital. For LGBT periodicals, see LGBT Life with Full Text (EBSCO), Archives of Sexuality and Gender (Gale), and the OutHistory website.


Research assistance provided by Mario Burrus, Adam Joseph Nichols, and Cole Souder. Website support provided by Margaret Paz.


Part I: Before Stonewall, 1965-1969


Chapter 1: Gay Bars and Antigay Policing


Chapter 2: Activist Agendas and Visions before Stonewall


Chapter 3: Political Protests before Stonewall


Part II: Stonewall


Chapter 4: The Stonewall Inn


Chapter 5: The Stonewall Riots


Part III: After Stonewall, 1969-1973


Chapter 6: Activist Agendas after Stonewall – planned for Fall 2019


Chapter 7: Political Protests after Stonewall 


Chapter 8: Pride Marches and Parades



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