EPF 1995

Managing Editors

Lindsay Magnuson and Robert David Irish

Production and Layout Editor

Robert David Irish

Editorial Staff

John Baranski

David Barber

Thomas Bloom

Steve Brady

Diana Dinkleacker

James Duncan

James Findley

Tom Galindo

David Lickiss

Susan Magiera

Richard Nardi

Patrcia O'Flinn

Faculty Advisor

Jerald A. Combs


Alan McPherson, Dollars, Diplomacy, and the Missing Link: A Socioeconomic Perspective on Cuban American Relations, 1900-1934

Abby Stoner, Sisters Between: Gender and the Medieval Beguine Movement

Kim Klausner, Worried Women: The Popularization of Scientific Motherhood in the 1920s

Steve Brady, The Direct Primary: A Critical Step for California Progressivsim