EPF 1998


Managing Editors

Melissa Gormley

Andrea Popa

Layout Editor

Giovanni Ruffini

Editorial Staff

Sonia Bales

Chirstopher C.W.Bauermeister

Kimberly Davis

Enrico Del Zotto

Jon P. Essex

Elizabeth Gale

Christopher Kilkes

Justin G. Oxsen

Jonathan J. Perry 

Cecilia Loan Phan

Bonnie Palmer

Alexandra Puerto

Nathan Purkiss

Toby Slayman

Anthony Swanson

Paul Townsend

Sarah Triano

Alicia Vosberg

Edward C. Wilkinson, Jr.

Faculty Advisor

William N. Bonds


David Baraber, Barber the Professor

Matthew DeFraga, March 1939: America's Guarantee to Britain

Enrico Del Zotto, l Live in the Shade That Determines Me

Elizabeth Forest, William Lloyd Garrison and the Problem of Non-Resistance

Sandra Henderson,This Preposterous Masculine Fiction

Giovanni Ruffini, Ethiopia and Rome: The Birth of Byzantine Religious Diplomacy 

Paul Townsend, The 1832 Tax Reform Act

Edward Wilkinson, Alternatives to Appeasement

Matthew Andrews, The Peculiarities of German History

Randolf Arguelles, Race As a Scientific Hot Potato

Chris Bauermeister, The Revolution in Context: A Review of Gordon S. Wood 

Lisa Carney, Women of the Clan