EPF 2002

Managing Editors

Rachel Van 

Ann Wilson

Editorial Board

Jennifer Cullison

J. Stephan Edwards

Brenda Frink

Laura Garrett

Joel Goldman

Sandra Henderson

Bonar Hernandez

Michelle Hill

Michelle Kleehammer

Jennie Lounibos

George Malachowski

Joseph Mullin

Joy o' Donnell

John Skovgaard

Ethan Spanier

John Ulloa

Alicia Vosberg 

Jayson Waller

Layout Editor 

Georoge Malachowski

Faculty Advisor

Christopher Waldrep


Jacob Pemberton, 20 Juli: The Politics Of a Coup

David Roberts, Forgotten American Observance: Remembering the First of August 

Brenda D. Frank, "God Give Us Men!": Manliness, the American Protective Association, and Catholicism in San Francisco, 1893 - 1906

Kevin Mummey,The Groans of the Britons: Toward the British Civitates Period, Circa 406-455 C.E.

Ann Wilson, Settlement Work in a Union Town: Lucile Eaves, The San Francisco Settlement Association, and the Organized Labor, 1894-1906

J. Stephan Edwards, A Woman is Wise: The Influence of Civic and Christian Humanism on the Education of Women in Northern Italy and England during the Renaissance

David Wallace, Back to the Future: The Beginning of History and the First Global Citizen

Bonar Hernandez, Bananas, Ports, and Railroads: A Historiographical Essay on the United Fruit Company in Guatemala, 1901-1944

Joseph Mullin, I, Too, Am a Man: The Forging of "Republican" Masculinities in the "American" Laboring Classes

Rachel Van, Review: J. Morgan Kousser's Colorblind Injustice" Minority Voting Rights and the Undoing of the Second Reconstruction

Ann Wilson, Review: Peter Novick's That Noble Dream: The "Objectivity Question" and the American Historical Profession

Joseph Mullin, Review" Timothy Burke's Lifebouy Men, Lux Women: The Commodification, Consumption, and Cleanliness in Modern Zimbabwe.