EPF 2009

Managing Editors

Melissa Barthelemy and Nathan Daniels

Associate Editors

Caitlin Fischer Kara M. Steffen

Thomas Ladd

Catie Steinman

Editorial Board

Marcus L. Bacher

James R. Bostwick

Terra Caldwell

Brian Collins

Corry Dodson

Jennifer Grohol

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Erin Perusse

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Jesse Davis

Megan Andrea Garadakis

Kirstin Margosian

Elizabeth Matsushita

Sonya Pall

Faith Powell

Diego J. Vallejo


Nathan Daniels

Faculty Advisor

Christopher Waldrep


Rebecca Johnson, From Sin to Sience: Astrological Explanations for the Black Death, 1347-1350

Michael B. Reagan, California's Agricultural Progressives and the State Commission Market Act of 1915

Rachael HIll, The 1921 Tulsa Massacre

Rebecca A. Devlin, Boniface and Heresy in Eighth-Century Frankia

Marcus L. Bacher, Culture, Coercion, and Patriotism: The German- American Experience in San Francisco During World War I

Katrina Yeaw, At the Doors of the Harem: Indentity, Gender, and Difference in Nineteenth Century Egypt

Kara M. Steffen, Babe Bean: Transgression and Privilege

Jeffrey David Mitchell, The Divided Californias: San Francisco and the 1911 Baja California Rebellion

Margaret W. Majauskas, Theory Meets World: Anglo-French Historiography in the Age of Transatlantic Exploration

James G. Collins, Ireland Under the Act of Union, 1801-1922: Fractious Ally or Rebellious Colony?