EPF 2010

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Catie Steinman

Rachek Hill

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Colleen Marie Bradley

Kirstin E. Margosian

Caitlin Fischer

Jason R.B. Smith

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Elisabeth Arruda

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Luther Johnson

Rebecca Lau

Elysha Massatt

Hai Nguyen

Alyssa Sisco

Sarah M. Wheelock


Nathan A. Daniels

Megan Andrea Garedakis

Faculty Advisor

Christopher Waldrep


Nathan A. Daniels, The Problem of French National Identity in the Late Middle Ages

Jason R. B. Smith, The Retribution of the Archive: British Views on their Invasion of Punjab

Jason D. Lahman, The Form that Fuels the Flame: Public Ritual and the Nazi Mythos

Peter H. Johnsson, Locks of Difference: The Integral Role of Hair as a Distinguishing Feature in Early Merovingian Gaul

S. Siddiqui, Wasted Herosim: Ghadar Propaganda and the Human Cost of Rebellion

Craig Scott, Lust, Language, and Legislation: Long Beach California 1914

John Elrick, The Impact of the Haitian Revolution on the United States: An Historiographical Essay

Elizabeth Matsushita, Fiction, Ideology, and Identity: Medieval Christian Depictions of the Muslim East

Jeremiah Garsha, Dictating the Past: The Capture of Medievalism in Nazi Cinematic Propaganda and the Roots of the Holocaust

Colleen Marie Bradley, Defining Ancient Magic: A Brief History and Exploration

Terra M. Caldwell, A Tale of Two Newspapers: Northern California Speaks During Secession Winter, 1860

Sonya Pall, Religion and Politics in the Punjab, 1200-1700: The Unity of Constructed Religious Boundaries through Mysticism, Music, and Local Practice