EPF 2011

Managing Editors

Megan Andrea Garedakis

Jeremy Pearson

Associate Editors

Colleen Marie Bradley

Franklin J. Griffen

Kirstin E. Margosian

Caitlin Fischer

Thomas Padilla

Alice Blomberg

Editorial Board

Stephanie Bautista

Luther Johnson

Natalie Novoa

Christine Roberts

Griselda Jarquin

Thais Gendry

Elizabeth Matsushita

Christine Roberts

Nicholas Coluzzi

Rachel Kerrigan

Elspeth Olson

Catie Steinman

Jeremy Garsha

Arianna Leopard

Sarah M. Wheelock


Megan Andrea Garedakis

Faculty Advisor

Christopher Waldrep


James Mitchell, Locating Homosexuality in the Carolingian Monastic Life

Kelly Daniels, How the Civil Rights Movement Influenced the Free Speech Movement

Emily Warde, Christianity and the Environment: The Lynn White Controversy

Brian Rutledge, The State of American Political development in History

Franklin J. Griffin, The Healthcare Needs of Medieval Women

Rachel Hill, Decolonizing Historical Consciousness: The Production of Historical Knowledge in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Brian Griffith, Hegemony and the Consensus: The Relationship between Politics and Culture in Fascist Italy

Jeremiah Garsha, Satire and Genocide: Simplicissimus’ Anti-Colonial Protest and German Intellectual Colonization

Seth Clark, A Ghost’s Perspective: Introducing the Narrative

Timothy Rottenberg, A New Age for Artists: The Birth of the New Deal Art Movement and the Political Connotations of the Coit Tower Murals