EPF 2017

Managing Editors
Hannah Milstein
Michael J. Hephner
David Hlusak

Associate Editors
Danielle N. Victoriano
Eddie L. Williams IV
Gabriela F. Zappia
Gary Kuczkowski
Javier Etchegary
Jordan M. L. Pituley
Keegan N. Medrano
Lama Al-Barazi
Nicole E. Miller
Veronica L. Bettencourt
Rebecca Mayen

Assistant Editors
Alesha Sohler
Belinda Sainz
Gerald R. Morlidge
Jacob M. Perez
Jason A. Anderson
Jeremy J. Shepherd
Nick G. Kos
Priya Ahluwalia
Priyanka A. Bajaj
Sam Stein
Sheri L. Kennedy
Stephany M. Lopez
Tashi H. Cowan
Victoria L. Fremont

Javier Etchegary, Towards a Historiography of the 1973 Nationalization of Chilean Copper

Gerald R. Morlidge, Myth of a Marty: David C. Broderick and the Making of an Anti-Slavery Hero

Elizabeth J. Beutel, “It’s Not Even About the Booze!”: Politics, Prohibition, and the Mullen-Gage Law

Keegan Medrano, Mothers of Apartheid: Black Domestic Servants and Their Little Masters

Matthew D. MacKay, “Smells Like, Victory”: The Memory of The Vietnam War in American Film

Laurie Frazier, The White Woman’s Burden: Chinese Prostitution in San Francisco

Geoffery A. Ramirez, “Violators of Every Right”: Analyzing the Ku Klux Klan of 10920’s Fresno

Stephanie Polos, Sugar Mamas: British Women and the War on West Indian Slavery

Chika Okoe, The Meaning of Freedom: Alternatives Emerging from the African American Experience of Slavery