Historical Research (Honors) Certificate

Historical Research (Honors) Certificate (12 Units)

The Historical Research Certificate provides majors in any discipline with a way to improve their research skills.  The Certificate will show up on transcripts as an independent course of study, and as such is open to anyone earning an undergradute degree at SFState.


For a student to be eligible for admission to the Certificate in Historical Research (Honors) program, they must meet the following requirements:

· Cumulative GPA of 3.25 

· Completion of 60 units 

· Acceptance of a thesis proposal by faculty member in the History Department.

Required Courses (6 units):

History 697 Honors Thesis (3 units)

History 696 Seminar  (3 units)

NOTE: Successful completion of History 300 GWAR is required before you can take History 600

Elective courses: (6 Upper Division Units)

Six units of upper division courses with a HIST prefix. May include additional History 696 Seminars,

but not independent study courses (HIST 699) or internships (HIST 698).

Students enrolled in the History BA program may count courses from that program towards the completion of the Historical Research (Honors) Certificate. Students enrolled in other majors may double count these courses in their major with the permission of their department.

Auxiliary skill

To complete the certificate, a student must demonstrate mastery of an auxiliary skill through one of the three following options:

· Two semester-length courses in college-level language with a grade of B or better, or

· Equivalent proficiency in a foreign language based on successful completion of an examination to be administered  by the Foreign Languages Department, or

· Two semester-length courses in auxiliary skills such as digital history/humanities, oral history, statistics, or others, by advisement.