History Students Association

Commensa  2019   FAQ


When is Commensa?  May 16th 3:30-7:00

Where is Commensa?  Jack Adams Hall, Caesar Chavez Center right here at SFState

Will there be food?  Yes.  We will be serving dinner buffet style.  This is an alcohol free event. 

What should I wear? Attire ranges from formal, to graduation regalia, to business casual.  There is no set dress code, per se, but this is an event with family, friends, and donors; we leave you to your best judgement.  If you want to wear a ball gown and tiara, go for it.  If you want to wear your grad cap and a dress shirt with jeans, that’s cool too.

What should I expect? We will eat, we will visit, we will celebrate—and we will call you all across the stage by name to receive a certificate and the lauds of your peers

What the heck is a “Commensa”?  In medieval Europe when students met to eat in the dining hall, professors sat at a raised table known as a Commensa.  When it came time for graduation, professors invited new faculty and the graduating class to join them as the Commensa to commemorate their becoming a part of the academic community.  We look forward to welcoming you in celebration of your accomplishments.

Got more questions?  Email them to moxie@sfsu.edu

Every member of your party must arrive as a group, and each person must have a ticket (including you.) 

This event is sold out as of 4.30.19