SFState History Department Newsletter 2018

As we enter the 50th anniversary of the SF State Strike of 1968, the History Department is proud to carry on the legacy of community engagement and service to students that is the legacy of that movement.  This legacy is symbolized by our newest set of fellowships for students, the Shirley Barnett Memorial Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships.  These multi-year awards are given to exceptional History students who have returned to university over the age of 40.  Our three inaugural awardees --  undergraduates Gerald Solares and Michael Wilson and graduate student Julie van den Hout – bring scholarly and life experience and unique skills to the classroom and their peers.

We are also pleased to offer a range of new undergraduate classes – freshman seminars on democracy and zombies; upper division courses on topics like teaching history using comics, the cultural history of baseball in American society, Bollywood, and magic in the ancient world; seminars on histories of sexuality, California, transnational feminism, and veterans; and many more. At the same time, our new graduate curriculum creates community by cohorting students in some fundamental classes while preparing them for a variety of careers.

Another way in which we celebrate our history as a department is by continuing to honor our many wonderful alumni working in academia, teaching, public service, and a wide range of industries.  We receive news from happy alums or their friends.  For example, Jeremy Pearson defended his PhD at the University of Tennessee- Knoxville, Katrina Yeaw completed her doctorate at Georgetown, and Ebru Ahcasu has completed at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.   Julie Powell was awarded the Hefland Fellowship for the History of Medicine and Public Health, and Lindsay Ehrisman won a Fulbight-Hayes DDRA for work in Uganda.

In this newsletter, we’ll give you some news about the department.  Our beloved colleague Professor Abdiel Oñate has retired but remains a good friend of the department. We’ll briefly visit with Professor Sarah Curtis on her research on the history of childhood in France.  We’ll tell you what’s in the newest Ex Post Facto, the work of fine SF State history majors and grad students, and report on last semester’s superb Constitution Day conference.

Let me end with an invitation – please write to us, or come on by.  We’d love to hear from all of you.  Consider joining our Facebook group and telling us about your pathways with history.  We’re also planning a big graduation event for the end of this year, and we’ll invite you all to join us to celebrate the newest group of alumni.

Farewell to Professor Onate

Professor Abdiel Oñate retired from the department in June 2017. Professor Oñate is beloved by faculty and students in the Department and across the university who have had the privilege to work with him. Over the period of his tenure in the department – since 1986 - he helped to build an enormously strong program in Latin American history that saw his students accepted at top tier PhD programs in California and across the country.
More on the Retirement of Abdiel Oñate.

Have you ever looked over a toy-strewn family room and wondered how kids got so much stuff?  My new research project takes on that question for nineteenth-century France. In the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, toys and books for children were produced and marketed in ever greater numbers...(read more)

The Kyle Whitham McLeod Scholarship Fund

The History Department is campaigning to raise funds to continue to offer the Kyle Whitham McLeod Scholarship Fund.  For more than a decade, this scholarship has been awarded to students studying Latin American history. Many of these students have gone on to serve their communities as scholars, teachers, and organizers. You can help us ensure another 10 years by making a gift today.
Learn More about the Kyle Whitam McLeod Scholarship.

Ex Post Facto Continues to Thrive

Ex Post Facto continues to thrive in the History Department at SF State. Last year’s Managing Editors, Mike Hephner, David Hlusak, and Hannah Milstein, oversaw the production of another strong edition of the Journal of the History Students at SF State. More on Ex Post Facto

Constitution Day – Serving the university community

History Department faculty, students, and staff once again played leading roles in SFSU’s annual Constitution and Citizenship Day conference, which was attended by more than 1600 faculty, students, and community members....
More on Constitution Day 2017