MA Regulations

Transfer of Credit

The university will generally accept, with the graduate coordinators’ approval, up to six semester units of earned credit through a combination of SF State Open University, any extension credit courses, and transfer work from other universities.

Graduate Standards

The Graduate Division requires a 3.0 (B) average in all post-baccalaureate work before the M.A. degree can be awarded. The Department of History expects its M.A. candidates to earn an A or B in all courses taken as part of the master's program. No course in which the grade fell below a B- can be included on the Graduate Approved Program. Only 30% of a student's units can be taken on the basis of Credit/No Credit.

Written English Proficiency Requirement

Level One: assessment of the writing sample based on graduate-level rubrics; completion of writing component of GRE with a score of 4.0 or better.

Level Two: satisfactorily completing the writing requirements in History 700.

Deadline for Filing Graduation Documents  

Students are responsible for informing themselves of and meeting the deadlines for the filing of all University documents and forms. These deadlines are listed in the University Calendar printed in the Bulletin and on the Graduate Studies website. The following forms or items must be submitted to the University before the granting of the degree -- most, but not all, of these forms are to be filed with the Graduate Division office:
1.         Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) form
2.         Culminating Experience form
3.         Completion of Specified Graduate Requirements form (for auxiliary skill requirement
4.         Completion of Specified Graduate Requirements form (for exams or thesis)
5.         Thesis, if appropriate
6.         Application for the Degree

Filing the Advancement to Candidacy Form (ATC)

Each student must prepare, in consultation with the graduate coordinators, an Advancement to Candidacy Form (ATC). The ATC form, which can be obtained online from the Graduate Studies website , should be filled out and filed in the penultimate semester of graduate work (with no more than six units remaining to be completed). Be sure to review the university requirements for the ATC.

The ATC lists the specific courses to be fulfilled by the graduate student before the degree is awarded; it includes all history classes (and approved non-departmental classes) taken for the degree, along with the classes still to be completed in the final semester. This form is to be downloaded, printed, and signed by a graduate coordinator (as the "advisor") and the department chair (as the "school committee"). After the ATC is signed and filed, the student should prepare and submit the Proposal for Culminating Experience in order to set up a formal committee either to take the Comprehensive Examination or write the Thesis. Students must possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0 when they enroll in the Culminating Experience and by departmental regulations, they may have no remaining Incompletes at that time.

In addition to the minimum thirty units of coursework for the master's degree, the ATC also contains certification that the student has met the university's first level written English proficiency requirement, and indicates how the second level requirement will be met. In the Department of History, the first level requirement is satisfied by a score of 4.0 or higher in the essay portion of the GRE and the second level by successfully completing the writing requirements of History 700.

If the ATC lists transfer classes (up to six units of transfer credit are permissible), then a Transfer Unit Evaluation Form must be submitted along with the ATC.

Validity of Advancement to Candidacy Program

The Advancement to Candidacy form (ATC) on file with the Graduate Division will be valid only during the time a student is enrolled and retains continuing registration eligibility in the University.  [Students lose continuing registration ability when they are absent from the University for more than one term.]  Students who lose their continuing registration eligibility will have their filed ATC program voided.  Students wishing to renew their work toward the graduate degree will need to be readmitted to classified standing in the department and to file a new ATC that meets current requirements (or to file a Request to Activate Previously Filed Documents if no new curriculum requirements are in effect), and will be subject to any new policies and procedures implemented during their absence from the University.  There is one exception.  If the only degree requirement pending is the completion of the thesis, and it is within the seven year limit, a student does not have to apply for readmission, but only has to complete the thesis and file for graduation.

Time Limitations for the M.A. Thesis

All students who select to write a thesis as their “Culminating Experience Requirement” must register for the 898 course (only once). If you do not complete the thesis at the end of the semester or summer session of registration, you will be issued a grade of WP (Work in Progress) or an NC (no credit) grade if progress has been unsatisfactory. When the thesis has been approved by the candidate’s committee and accepted by Graduate Division, the graduate coordinator will submit to the registrar’s office a grade change from a “WP” to a “CR” (credit) for the units of course 898.

Remember that you have (only) seven years for the completion of all degree requirements, including the submission of the “Application for Graduate Degree.”