Retirement of Abdiel Oñate

Professor Abdiel Oñate retired from the department in June 2017. Professor Oñate is beloved by faculty and students in the Department and across the university who have had the privilege to work with him.  Over the period of his tenure in the department – since 1986 - he helped to build an enormously strong program in Latin American history that saw his students accepted at top tier PhD programs in California and across the country. 

His work includes two books - Razones de estado:estudios sobre la formación del estado mexicano moderno, 1900 – ­1932 and Banqueros y hacendados. La quimera  de la modernización en Mexico.  His articles are consistently cited in the field, and Dr. Oñate continues to be solicited to participate on panels at international conferences (in Mexico and in Europe); to give talks at universities in Mexico; to contribute chapters to books that explore ground-breaking aspects of Latin American history; and to comment on U.S.-Mexico relations for both English- and Spanish-language television and radio programs (Univision, KQED, and more). But his students have always been at the center of his work, and they consistently laud him for improving their thinking, reasoning and writing, and transforming many of them into professionals and emerging scholars.   

His generosity of spirit is striking, and he served in the Senate, working for CFA, and as the founding chair of the Faculty Honors and Awards Committee. ​

We in the department wish him the very best and most enjoyable retirement!