Top Ten Reasons to be a History Major

10. You can explain how your street got its name

9. You can do more than “Google” when it comes to research.

8. Once you’ve written a 20 page research paper you know you can do anything.

7. Game of Thrones makes a lot more sense.

6. A: History majors. Q: Who kicks butt in Jeopardy?

5. In the History Lounge (Science 270) you can find people seriously discussing the Romans, booze, elephants, and a bunch of other stuff we can’t put in writing.

4. You’ll learn how to outwit zombies, werewolves, and vampires, as well as witches and business majors. Critical thinking FTW.

3. You can learn more in a year than many high level politicians learn in a lifetime.

2. History majors are smart, and smart people are sexy. Ask Sherlock.

1. We’ve got classes on pirates, comic books, and baseball. What else could you want?