During this period of remote instruction in response to COVID-19, advising will continue to take place remotely via email, phone, and Zoom. Please see below and email your advisor for an appointment. 


Planning Forms:

Legacy BA in History

New BA in History (as of Fall 2019; majors who started before Fall 2019 may opt to continue on the Legacy path or utilize the new pattern)

Minor in History

Historical Research (Honors) Certificate

FOR GE ADVISING Please visit the Academic Resource Center ior Undergraduate Education

SPRING 2020 Faculty Advising

Student Last Name

Day of the Week


A through D Monday / Wednesday

Rodriguez (Sci. 267A)

  Tuesday / Thursday Chekuri (Sci.222) and Curtis (Sci.267)
E through H Monday / Wednesday Wolf (Sci.267)
  Tuesday / Thursday

Crabtree (Sci.272)

I through M Monday  / Wednesday

Viator (Sci. 267B)

  Tuesday / Thursday
N through S Monday / Wednesday

Postel (Sci.224)

  Tuesday / Thursday Elkind (Sci.272)
T through Z Monday / Wednesday Morrison (Sci.223) and 
  Tuesday / Thursday Kudlick (Hum.134) & Stein (Sci 225)

By Appointment:

Lisy-Wagner (Department Chair Science 276) 

Kennedy (Sci.275)

Graduate Advising

Graduate Coordinators:

The graduate coordinators, Professors Jessica Elkind and Sarah Curtis, provide general advising on course selection and program requirements. They also act as liaisons between the student and the university administration (the Graduate Division, the Office of Admissions and Records, and Student Services). Questions regarding university rules and regulations, forms and petitions, as well as matters of an official nature on a departmental level such as the culminating experience options should be directed to the graduate coordinators.

Students are also encouraged to identify graduate faculty who can help them plan courses of study in their chosen fields, serve on exam or thesis committees and provide advice about career opportunities in history.

Class Registration

Graduate students should register for all classes online. Information about registration (timing, fees, and procedures) can be accessed through “MySFSU” on the campus website. Enrollment material is available for most classes in time for your priority registration date; however, schedule information and permit numbers for courses like HIST896, HIST898, and HIST899 will be made available during the first week of the semester.

Department of History Advising Booklets and Forms

Please use these booklets as guidance in planning your degree program in the Department of History. They provide a broad overview of degree requirements, admission requirements and other important and interesting information about the Department of History at San Francisco State University.

Undergraduate Booklet Legacy Pattern (pdf) - for B.A. Students, including the honors concentration prior to Fall 2019.

Undergradute booklet New Pattern (pdf) - for B.A. Students, including the honors concentration starting Fall 2019.