Margaret Paz

Former ASC History Department
Phone: (415) 338-1604
Location: Science Building Room 276

I was trained in Classics at UC Davis and received my B.A in Languages and Literatures at UC Davis. I primarily focused on emotion, gender roles, sex, and bodies in Hellenistic literature, working primarily with Sophocles and his work Philoctetes. I have done translation work in Latin, Greek, French and Arabic and lean heavily towards cultural representations of images and language in creating the constructs of gender, science and sexuality. I wanted to by being in Classics work closer with untranslated texts in order to add my own insight to the way the culture functioned through language.

I finished a Master's at San Francisco State in 2019 where I focused on Medieval and Early Modern Europe where I focus on Performative Gender, Sodomy Laws and Muslim and Christian Interactions through Science during the 11th-13th century.

I am currently in the Master's of Arts in Comparative World Literature for a second Master's Degree.


  • M.A. History, San Francisco State University, 2019
    Concentration in Medieval History
  • B.A. Classics emphasizing Langauges and Literatures, University of California Davis, 2017
    Minor History with Concentrations Medieval Europe