Bachelor of Arts in History

The study of history imparts skills that are applicable to all employment endeavors, as it fosters the intellectual rigor and curiosity that results in strong civic engagement.

Studying history makes us better citizens, stronger writers, better critical thinkers and more attuned to the lived experiences of those around us.

Whether you need to craft a strong cover letter, marketing copy, a legal brief, or make a coherent argument for why you deserve a raise, the critical thinking and communication skills you hone as a history major during your time at San Francisco State University will serve your well.


Bachelor of Arts, History (39 units)

Lower Division Requirements (12 Units):

  • History majors must take twelve lower division units in History. Classes numbered 100-299, with the exception of History 107, can be counted towards this requirement.

Upper Division Requirements (27 units):

Required Courses (6 units)

  • History 300 GWAR with a grade of “C” or better (3 units)
  • History 696 Seminar 

NOTE: Successful completion of History 300 GWAR is required before you can take History 696.

Upper Division Electives (21 units)

The elective course of study must include:

  • 3 Upper Division units of  “US History”
  • 6 Upper Division units of “Area Studies”
    • No more than 3 of which may be European History
  • 3 Upper Division units of “Chronological Breadth”

A single course may be used to fulfill more than one of these requirements.

For example: HIST 604 Islamic World I: 500-1500 would count as an “Area Study” as well as fulfill the “Chronological Breadth” requirement. A full course listing including attributes is available on the department bulletin.

History majors may not choose CR/NC grading in more than two history courses for their major, nor elect CR/NC grading in HIST 300 GW or HIST 696 Seminars. With the approval of their advisor, students may use up to three units from other departments to count toward their history major.

General Education Requirement: Complementary Studies (12 units)

History majors may fulfil the SFState Complementary Study requirement in several different ways:

  • Any completed minor
  • Any combination of upper or lower division language, and/or upper division courses which are complementary to the study of history (examples include: Humanities, International Relations, Political Science, Philosophy, Cinema, English, Jewish Studies, Art, and many others). These units DO NOT need to be from a single discipline.

To Apply to the Bachelor of Arts Program: