Ex Post Facto: Volume II (1993)

Managing Editor Erika Bliss
Editorial Board

Taylor Horton
Bill Kostura
Patricia O'Flinn
Rovert B. Pasker
Melvin Prtichard
Jeff Scatena
Brett Stillo
Joe Thomas

Production Staff

Taylor Horton
Patricia O'Flinn
Robert Pasker

Cover Art Maximo Zeldon

Yelllow Man's Burden:Japanese Racial Attitudes and Foreign Policy in Korea, China, and Formosa in the Meiji and Taisho Eras
Michael A. Reno

Keltoi and Hellenes: A Study of the Celts in the Hellenistic World
Patrick Egan 

About Kierkegard as a Writer, with Constant Reference to the Christian Gospel
Abby Stoner

Para Los Mexicanos
Michael Steinberg

Rabbi Leone da Modena, A Contextual Approach: Freedom and Determinism in Seventeenth-Century Jewish Thought
Ron Reissberg