Ex Post Facto: Volume III (1994)

Managing Editor Patricia O'Flinn
Production and Layout Editor Robert David Irish
Editorial Staff

John Baranski
Thomas Galindo
Susan Magiera
Abbey Stoner
Lindsay Magnuson
Melvin Pritchard
Jeffrey Scatena

Faculty Advisor Jerald A. Combs

Women on the Egde of Time: Science Fiction and The Feminist Movement
Rebecca G. Halbreich 

Florence Wyckoff, Helen Hosmer and San Francisco's Liberal Network in the 1930s
Vida J. Maralani 

Octavio Paz: The Traps of Gender
Joan Bristol

Of Reds and Revolution: Three New York Newspapers Cover the Great Steel Strike of 1919
John P. Spencer

The Doctrine of the Inner Light, Evangelicalism and Women in the Society of Friends
Martin Meeker