Ex Post Facto: Volume VIII (1999)

Managing Editors

Jim Cartnal
Edward Wilkinson

Layout Editor Giovanni Ruffini
Editorial Staff

Sonette Bales
Alicia Charry
Sarah Clark
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Enrico Del Zotto
Elizabeth Forest
Jamie Garcia De Alba
Catherine Gomez
Melissa Gormley
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Giovanni Ruffini
Fernando Socorro
Carrie DeCenzo Suvajdzic
Anthony Swanson
John Taylor
Michael Thompson
Alicia Vosberg
Stephen Williams
Stacey Zupan

Faculty Advisor William N. Bonds


The Rhetoric of Inclusion: The I.W.W. and Asian Workers
Jennifer Jung Hee Choi

The Role of Labor in the Conversion of the San Francisco Streetcar System: The One-Man Streetcar Controversy
Joseph P. Ragen

Evolution of the Woman's Rights Movement in the Nineteenth Century
Alicia Vosberg

The Role of Women at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the San Francsico Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915
Susan Wels

An Explanation and Critical Analysis of the Role of Memory in Cold War Historical Interpretation at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's Nike Missile Site SF-88
Gregory Paynter Shine

Terror in the Historiography of the French Revolution
Arash Khazeni

Through Dread of Crying You Will Laugh Instead: Disillusionment in World War I
Catherine Gomez

Dispelling a Myth: The Soviet Note of March 1952
James Cartnal

A Re-Evaluation of Cockburn's "Cliveden Set"
John Taylor

Free World? Free Market: The Vietnam War and the Third World in a Global Economy
Charles Russo

The Role of Fertility Control in Socio-Economic Development
Melissa Gromley

Un Cubanito Loses His Heart at an Aztec Ritual
Fernando Soccoro

Book Review: Red Scare or Red Menace?
Edward C. Wilkinson