Ex Post Facto: Volume X (2001)

Managing Editor Fernando Socorro
Editorial Staff Juanguillermo Amezcua
Sonette Bales
Brenda Frink
Jaime Garcia De Alba
Alex Gerould
Sandra Henderson
Bonar Ludwig Hernandez
Elizabeth Houseman
Michelle Kleehamrner
Jessie Lewis III
Ian Livie
Kyle Livie
Richard McClain
Joy O’Donnell
John Paul Skovgaard
Ethan Spanier
Rachel Van
Alicia Vosberg
Erin Warnke
Stephan Williams
Faculty Advisor William N. Bonds

Pan American Unity: Diego Rivera Dramatic Interlude With Trotsky
Elsie Casler

Prostitution and Footbinding: Images of Chinese Womanhood In Late Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
Jingwoan Chang

The Sky is Closed for California: Reading Jesuit Sources for the “Other”: Accommodation, Resistance and the Decline of Native Peoples in Eighteenth Century Baja
Allison Fields

Apostle of the Dock: Archbishop Edward I Hannah Role as Chairman of the National Longshoremen Board During the 1934 San Francisco Waterfront Strike
Jaime Garcia De Alba

Poor Righteous Teaching: The Story of the FBI and the Five Percenters
Bradley R. Gooding

Latin American Testimonio: Uncovering the Subaltern’s Gender, Race, and Class
Sandra Henderson

The Las Casas-Sepulveda Controversy,1550- 551
Bonar Ludwig Hernandez

Women, Wilson, and Emergency War Measures
Lisa Justice

Gender, Class Consciousness, and Ethical Consumerism: Early Twentieth-Century Labeling Campaigns in the Women ‘s Garment Industry
Michelle Kleehammer

The Beast that Feeds on the Blood of the People: Neoliberalism, Globalization, and the Robbery of Indigenous Landholdings in Mexico
Margaret Moody

Mary Jane Megquier: San Francisco as Refuge
Rachel Van