Ex Post Facto: Volume XII (2003)


Book Reviews

Edith Sarra's Fictions of Femininity 
Adam Fong

Robert Bartlett's The Making of Modern Europe
Adam Fong

Kalevi J. Holsti's Peace and War
Jacob Pemberton

Managing Editor George Malachowski
Editorial Board

John Skovgaard
Alicia Vosberg
Ethan Spanier
Arturo Arrieta
Sarah Barkin
Jacob Pemberton
Daniel Allen
Kithika St. John
Timothy Kellog
Michael Mott
Joseph Mullin
Adam Fong
Ann Wilson
Lawrence Faziola

Layout Editor Xavier Gomez
Faculty Advisor Chris Waldep

Barbed Wire Athletes: The Sporting Practices of Japanese-American Internees During World War II
Michael Mott

Counterattack: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Jacob Pemberton

The Career of LeRoy King: Labor, Race, and Politics in the Post-World Ward II San Francisco
John Rosen

Beyond Measure: L.S. Sherman and Sherman, Clay & Company, A San Francisco House of Music, 1870-1926
Michelle Squyer

Revitalization Movements: The Problems of AIM, Women and Mazeways
Jennifer Cullison

Hours of Painful Disillusionment: Sylvester Andriano and the Army's Individual Exclusion Program
George Malachowski

A Measure of All Things: Traditional Chinese Architecture and Culture
Adam Fong

The Role of Rhetoric and Class in Proposition 13
John Corrally

Christian Unity and Sectarian Violence: Reasons for Intolerant Legisaltion in Fourth Century Rome
Ethan Spanier

Amid the Sand and Fog: The Development of the Sunset District in San Francisco. 1912-1940
Jacob Pemberton