Ex Post Facto: Volume XIV (2005)


Book Reviews and Historiography

Review: Robert O. Paxton's "The Anatomy of Fascism"
Ramajana Hidi Demirovi

History Becomes a Social Science: New Perspectives in History
Peter S. Gray

Managing Editors

Thomas Dorrance
Andrew Oetzel

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Rhianon Anderson
Sarah Barkin
Michael Caires
Jon Cole
Sam Dupont
Patricia Melinkoff
Joyce Mills
Michael Mott
Kevin Mummey
Jeremy Pearson
Lindsey Peregoff
Rebecca Shaw
Maryan Soliman
Sarah Stern
Robert Taylor

Layout Editor  Kevin Bourque
Faculty Advisor Christopher Waldrep

Friend to Slavery: Legal Protection of Slavery by the California Supreme Court
Michael T. Caires

Radical Exclusion: Nazi Euthanasia, 1939-1945
Heather Cooper

The Persistence of a Muslim Sicily
Danial Elash

Little Women & Evil-looking Men: Rebecca Buffum Spring & the Politics of Motherhood in Antebellum America
Sarah Barkin

"From Bush League Hamlet to Major League Metropolis:" Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and Proposition B
Michael Mott

American Fourierism: Universalizing Reform
Maryan Soliman