Ex Post Facto: Volume XVI (2007)


Book Reviews

Review: Eduardo Obregón Pagán's "Murder at the Sleepy Lagoon: Zoot Suits, Race and Riot in Wartime L.A."
Nick Lopez

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Faculty Advisor Chris Waldrep

Arming Goons: Mayor Phelan Arms the Strikebreakers in the 1901 City Front Strike
Thomas Ladd

Antipodean Contact: Perceptions and Misperceptions of the Australian Aborigines on Captain Cook's Endeavor Voyage
Clauida Lang

The Origins and Formation of Race at the Founding of California: An Analysis of the Assignment of Meaning to the White Racial Identity in the 1849 California Constitutional Convention Debates
Jim Ace

The Systematic Demonization of Medieval Witchcraft
Rhiannon Anderson

'A Revolution Nevertheless': The 39th Congress and the Civil Rights Act of 1866
Michael Caires

Fighting Fire with Propaganda: Claud Cockburn's The Week and the Anti-Nazi Intrigue that Produced the 'Cliveden Set,' 1932-1939
Ari Cushner

Sexual Innuendo and Female Autonomy in Early Modern Convents
Donna Digiuseppe

Ching Mei and Ming Quong: The Protestant Missionary Work with Chinese Children in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1920s-1930s
Lindsey Loscutoff

The Culture of Salesmanship: White Collar Ideology and Experience in 1920s America
Natalie Marine-Steet

Creating Texas, A Story of United States Expansion
Jeffrey Mitchell

"Over Isolation, That's Where We Get Our Vaccinations": The FSA's Migrant Medical Programs in California
Megan Schultz

Filipino Farm Labor Organization: A Lesson in Filipino Leadership
Julie Sindel