Ex Post Facto: Volume XVII (2008)


Historiography and Research Report

Robin Hood: A Historiography
Nicole Carter

Research Report: An Analysis of Union Iron Works Foreman's Index Cards Dated 1908-1918
Keith Terry

Managing Editors

Clark Taylor
Samantha Bareclay-Saxon

Editorial Board

A. Ebru Akeasu
Marcus Bacher
Brain Bartell
Melissa Barthelemy
Colleen Bradley
Terra Caldwell
Clancy Callahan
Sara Cohen
Corry Dodson
Daniel Elash
John Elrick
Caitlin Fischer
Michael Fisher
Josh Gannis
Leah Garrett
Kayleigh Henson
Justin Housman
Rachael Kerrigan
Lindsey Loscutoff
Elena Martinez
Elysha Massatt
Kathleen McCormack
Shannon Miller
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Mark Piper
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Zachary Pedrazzi
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Mark Portuondo
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Robert Siegel
Jared Taylor
Diego Vallejo
Jannelle Waldrep
Marisa Will

Layout Editor Clark Taylor
Faculty Advisors

Christopher Waldrep
Eva Sheppard-Wolf

Reluctant Revolutionary: Alexander Herzen's Modernity Crisis
Justin Housman

Equal Justice for Some: The Distasteful Legacy of Bowers v. Hardwick
Melissa Barthelemy

Better World A-Comin': Woodie Guthrie, Alan Lomax, and the Popular Fire
Daniel Frontino Elash

Malshinim and Millieu: Reconsidering the Jewish Informer in Medieval Europe
Rebecca Johnson

Band of Sisters: Class and Gender in Industrial Lowell, 1820-1850<
Micheal B. Reagan

Love Defeated: The Decline and Fall of Homosexuality in the Late Roman Empire
James Mitchell

Carlos Fuentes' The Death of Artemio Cruz: A Literary Analysis of a Revolution Betrayed
Marcus Bacher

"The Night Errants of Our Civilization" The Plan of San Diego and the Lower Rio Grande Borderlands
Jeffrey David Mitchell

The Cuban Convertible Peso: A Redefinition of Dependence
Marl Piper

England: One Country, Two Courts
Cecily Majerus

Salvation Requires the Fall: Augustine's Conversion and the Pelagian Controversy
Terra Caldwell

Perpetuus Rex Norvegiae And Pyratarum Dux: Olaf Haraldsson's Conversion of Norway and The Presence of Norman Power in Northern Europe
Rachel Kerrigan