Ex Post Facto: Volume XXI (2012)

Managing Editors

Diana Wuerthner
Thomas Gimbel

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Andrew Bethke
Cristina Elisa Phillippe
Emily Elrod-Cardenas
Elysha Massatt

Editorial Board

Jose Barocio
Dylan Drovdal
Alexa Franz
Sarah Gusman
Austin Hubbell
Amanda L. Machi
Thomas Padilla
Jasymin Marie Soldatos
Sarah Wheelock
Theresa Cooper
Lindsay Ehrisman
Megan A. Garedakis
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Mackenzie Kelly
Natalie Mallett
Catherine Roth
A.K. Watts
Anthony Stephen Wilson

Layout Editors

Diana Wuerthner
Thomas Gimbel

Faculty Advisor Eva Sheppard-Wolf

The Film to End All Wars: The Great War in the Postwar Imagination
Michael Castellanos

Was Hiram Johnson a True Isolationist During World War I and the League of Nations Debate?
Michael K. Whitcomb

The Lost Voices: Children in the Holocaust and the Dangers of the “Anne Frank Myth”
Andrea Holland

A Space of their Own in Gold Rush Society: Chinese Acceptance and Chop Suey
Jennifer Grohol

Interpreting Mexico ’68: Reality, Construct, and Time in Flux
Julie Powell

Hierarchies of the Dead: Remembrance, Wealth, and Purgatorial Relief in England, Italy and France, 1170 C.E.- 1400 C.E.
A.K. Watts

Samuel Bower and Perfect Nudity: Antebellum Health Reform and the Self
Elwood Miller

Sputnik and the National Defense of Education Act: A case Study of Federal Debate, 1956-1958
Dylan Zamir Drovdal

The Death of Bushido: An Analysis of the Evolution of Bushido from its Origins in Heian Japan to its Distortion into a Militaristic Philosophy during World War II
Russell L. Weber

“The Strangeness and Incongruity”: Alicia Little’s Reflections on the Chinese, Foreigners and Herself in Intimate China
Theresa Vasquez Cooper