Ex Post Facto: Volume XXII (2013)

Managing Editors

Julie M. Powell
Andrew M. Bethke

Associate Editors

Jessica J. Abernathy
Gerson Rosales
Marissa Whitten
Brendon A. Byron
C. Stuart Ungar

Editorial Board

John A'Hearn
Scott C. Beuscher
Madison Cobos
Bryan Corcoran
Emily Elrod Cardenas
Claire Flanegin
Amy Liebert
Julie Opperman
Alexis “Teddi” Pontecorvo
Stephanie Afton Stork
Diana Wuethner
Daniel Lawrence Barsanti
Evan Andrew Brocato
Daniel Collins
Lindsay Ehrisman
Valdeir Faria-Filho
Jarrod E. Garner
James Mitchell
Suzanne O’Rourke Scanlon
Nicole E. Roberts
William Roger Wakeman

Layout Editors

Julie M. Powell
Andrew Bethke

Faculty Advisor Eva Sheppard-Wolf

“Climbing the Stairway to Heaven”: An Analysis of the Representation of Pride within Literature and Catholic Sermons from Middle Ages
Russell L. Weber

The Anti-Footbinding Movement of the Qing-republic Transitional Era: A Joint Venture of Western Travelers and Chinese Reformers
Laura Hagen

Escaping the Narrative: John Hoyle and Prison Reform at San Quentin from 1907-1913
John A’Hearn

France 1981: Globalization, or the End of National Self-Determination
Benoit Guizol

Employer Organizing and Ideology in San Francisco, 1905-1922
Gerson Rosales

“Americaning” American Indian Girls through the Off-Reservation Boarding School System
Crystal Colleen Miles

Gender and the Business of Americanization: A Study of the Mobilized Women of Berkeley
Rana Razek

Perfecting the Art of Brainwashing: The CIA’s Efforts to Weaponize Mind Control
Marissa Whitten

Misery and Authority: The Dualities of the Gothic Penitential Architecture
Sam Wanless

From Status to Contract (and Back?): A Historiography of Contract Law and the Transition to Capitalism
Daniel Song

The Ladies in Red: California Communist Women in the Great Depression
Lisa Jackson

The Medievalism of William Morris
Suzanne O’Rourke Scanlon