Ex Post Facto: Volume XXV (2016)


Saamwees: The Performance of Difference and Racial Consciousness in South Africa
Keegan Medrano

A Purged Mouth: The Construction of a Mirabilia-Monster
Rachel Small

Unfree Labor on the Free Frontier: Convict Labor in California, 1851-1911
Jessica Poe

Foot Soldiers in the Revolution of 1800: Democracy in Early Amelia County, Virginia
Anthony Palmer

Shifting Responsibilities: The Effects of the Black Death on Remembrance and Memorial
Sheri L. Kennedy

The End of an Era: American Media Coverage of the Surrender of Saigon
Michale Hephner - Undergraduate Joseph Mullins Prize in History Winner

Portrait of an Early Modern Western Frontier Boomtown: The Imperial City's Legacy
Jesse Greenwald

The Crisis of Masculinity and the Outbreak of the First World War
Malcolm Mafi

Impure and Vile: Limipeza de Sangre and Racial Formation in Early Modern Spain
Olivia Ward - Graduate Joseph Mullins Prize in History Winner

The United Nation Women's Decade and Jewish Feminist Identity
Hanna Milstein