Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty
Name Field of Study
Maziar Behrooz Modern Middle East, Iran-Iraq
Chris Chekuri Medieval and Early Modern South Asia
Dennis Campbell Ancient World
Sarah Crabtree Early American, Atlantic World, Women, and Gender
Sarah Curtis Nineteenth Century Europe, France, Women and Gender
Anthony D'Agostino Soviet Union, Modern Russia, 20th Century Europe, Diplomatic
Jessica Elkind US Foreign Relations, Southeast Asia
Trevor Getz Modern Africa, Gender
Pi-Ching Hsu China, Taiwan, Gender and Intellectual History
Catherine Kudlick Disability, Gender, Medicine (US and Europe)
Laura Lisy-Wagner Early Modern Europe, Gender and Sexuality
Kym Morrison

Latin America, Cuba, Brazil

Charles Postel U.S Politics, Progressive Era
Jarbel Rodriguez Medieval, Renaissance
Marc Stein U.S. Law, Politics, Sexuality, Gender, Race, Social Movements
Felicia Viator California, Race Relations, Popular Culture
Eva Sheppard Wolf Revolutionary and Early National US, Race and Slavery