Journal of History: Volume I (1989)

Managing Editor Timothy Vogt
Editorial Board

Erin Clarke
Edward Moreno
Eva Merrick
Robert Raven
David Vaught


Tom Carson
John Eliah
Ethel Kato

“The Quintessential Union Town” vs. “The Citadel of the Open Shop”: The Contrasting Strengths of Organized Labor in San Francisco and Los Angeles, 1848-1910
David J. Vaught   

Right-Minded Women: Clubwomen and the San Francisco Graft Trials
Susan Englander 

Fuehrerstaat or Fuehrerei? The Question of Governance in the Third Reich
M. Gregory Kendricks 

Body Language: The Instrumentalization of the Female Body in the Nineteenth Century
Eva Merrick 

About the Contributors

David J. Vaught will complete his master’s degree in American history at San Francisco State University in the summer of 1989. He then will attend the University of California, Davis to pursue a doctorate degree, with an emphasis on California and labor history.

Susan Englander has just completed her master’s degree in American history, with a minor in Women’s Studies, at San Francisco State University. She is planing to attend Rutgers’ University doctoral program in American history, with a concentration on women’s labor history.

M. Gregory Kendricks has recently completed the master’s program at San Francisco State University and will enter the doctoral program in European history at the University of California, Los Angeles. His main emphasis is modern German history.

Eva Merrick received her bachelor’s degree at University of California, Los Angeles in Near Eastern history, and is currently completing her master’s degree at San Francisco State University. She is planning to pursue a doctorate degree in history