Constitution and Citizenship Day 2020: The Unfinished Work of Suffrage

Author: Department of History
September 21, 2020


Keynote: Ellen DuBois (UCLA)

Topic: 19th centennial

Roundtable panelists: Sue Englander, Sherry Katz, Judy Wu (UC-I)


Keynote: Rabia Belt (Stanford)

Topic: Disability, race + suffrage

Roundtable participants: Marc Stein, Susan Burch (Middlebury)


Interview: Katherine Marino (UCLA)

Topic: transnational feminism, specifically Latin American

Participants: Michael Aguirre (UN-R), Sarah Crabtree


Interview: Tracey Deutsch (UMN)

Topic: post-suffrage organizing, consumer orgs + unions

Participants: Kelsey Sims, Sarah Crabtree


Roundtable topic: ERA, women’s liberation + Hulu’s Mrs. America

Participants: Gill Frank (UVA) + Kacey Calahane (UC-I), Sarah Crabtree


Roundtable topic: Kamela Harris, VP pick

Participants: Amanda Roberti (PSCI), Rebecca Eissler (PSCI), Anantha Sudhakar (AAS), Mario Burrus, Sarah Crabtree


Roundtable topic: gender + labor during the pandemic

Participants: Karen Hossfeld (SOCI), Valerie Francisco (SOCI), Julietta Hua (WGST), Sarah Crabtree